Writing a book is hard, but publishing it is easy. This is a statement you will find everywhere. This statement isn’t 100% correct because it lacks some relevant data. You will have to spend a lot of time in exploration of all ideas to write a good book. writingPublishing is easy; you can do it in an hour or so, over some internet site. But this means that your book goes out to a random audience, without any prior advertising. This type of publishing may hurt you. People that would like to read a book like yours may not find it. This is the main reason behind the incorrectness of the statement.
An indie writer doesn’t have money for big publishing companies, and their only option is to release the book in digital format. Due to this, the writer has to tackle other work, which is still closely related to the writing.

To create a good book, a person has to be able to find a good idea, have excellent writing skills and have business skills which will make the book sellable.

You may have extraordinary writing skills, but you still won’t be able to write a good book if you don’t have a good idea. Creating a story in your head and then writing it down is very hard. 525340776-estudante-escrevendoA book needs to be interesting and yet still have surprising parts throughout the text. For instance, a fantasy writer needs to create the world that people can trust, as well as other small things that will make the book interesting. Crime writers must think about details of the crimes and the criminals and so on. ca77f0bd0b0229a6034688197dfb6556-650In the end, the plot of a book needs to be interesting as well as the characters. If either of those things is bad, the reader won’t like it.
Type of the storyline is also an important factor in a book. The safest way to write a book is to keep the events flowing normally. But some stories require different storytelling and your idea might also need a different type of storyline. Think about glimpses into the past and events playing out in the book before some incidents in the past. The plot of the book should play the major role in the type of storytelling. library_bannerYou should also check what kind of storylines is attractive, as it would be stupid to write a book no one wants to read because it is too different from everything else.
The business part of the writing has its effect throughout two phases we mentioned. It also comes in play when it comes to advertising and actual publishing. You have to be able to advertise your book (before you finish it) and get target audience excited.

This takes a lot of time as the writer has to spend a lot of time on social networks and other social sites where they might find future readers. A writer also needs to have some basic artistic skills to create posters that will get people interested in the book.

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